Zen in Daily Life

We must cultivate a good balance, a sense of proportion, at all times. If our zazen has no application in daily life, then we are simply indulging in cultist tricks. Unless the new bearings we find on our cushions govern our Sangha relations - both within our training center and in everyday contacts at home, at school, and at work - attainment on the cushions is only relative. In this case the dojo is merely a place where we restore ourselves after dealing with the exigencies of everyday life.

Those exigencies are tough. If you are working in the world, you know this can be a cruel, acquisitive society. But if you treat the dojo only as a sanctuary, then your delight, harmony, and tranquility are just a small fraction of your life. The Three Poisons of greed, hatred, and foolishness dominate the rest. The place where the true sons and daughters of the Buddha dwell is not like this. With all the comings and goings of our busy life, there is something that does not come or go, something that does not move. Make your greetings there.

- Robert Aitken Roshi in The Gateless Barrier

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